Please note, due to the lockdown, we are currently unable to offer jewellery and watch services.

In addition to our jewellery, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a professional and personalised repair and alteration service.

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Watch straps

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Watch battery replacements from £5.00

Jewellery polishing and cleaning

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General jewellery repair

General jewellery alterations

Ring sizing

Rhodium and Palnic plating


Here’s a few tips to keep your jewellery looking lovely!

  • Remove jewellery before swimming as chlorine can damage the metal and gemstones.


  • Avoid spraying hairspray, perfume and cleaning products on jewellery especially soft porous gemstone such as pearls.


  • Store jewellery separately to avoid scratching


  • Use a silver polishing cloth or warm soapy water to clean your silver. Ensure it has been rinsed and dried thoroughly before storing.


  • Take rings off before washing hands and using cream as settings can get clogged up with soap and hand cream.
  • To give your gemstone back its sparkle, use a soft toothbrush to clean the back of stones where dirt can build up.


  • Use a soft damp cloth on softer gemstones such as Opal, Coral, Pearls or Turquoise. These should not be immersed in water as they are soft and porous and can be easily scratched.


  • Avoid harsh chemicals, detergents and chemical cleaners as they can be too harsh for some gemstones , for example, Amber, Aquamarine, Coral, Emeralds, Jade, Lapis, Malachite, Opals, Pearls and Turquoise.


  • If you are unsure, don’t put your gemstones into any type of chemical cleaner.